Snapshot: Tuesday April 4, 2017

6:45am Foam Roller-ing and Pilates

8:35am Pedagogy: Presentation from colleagues on Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed – largely a seminar-style class discussion methods for applying the model to studio dance classes. Fascinating and complex – a lot to unpack.

10:30am Partnering Master Class with Tiffany Mills: An OSU MFA alumna, Mills has a company in NYC and stopped by to offer a partnering class to interested undergrad/grad students. The class was largely based on improvisation techniques: solo, simultaneous solo and duet forms that developed into more contact and weight sharing. Since I’m not in Improvisation this semester it was fun to play again with a wide range of other bodies and Mills’s facilitation was skillful and supportive.

12:30pm Lunch: Salad from the fabulous Heirloom Cafe next door and movie-time, watching a documentary about Elizabeth Streb for my History/Theory/Literature of Postmodernism course.

2pm Advising Meeting: Rewarding hourlong check-in with my advisor Susan Petry. We discussed my plans for the summer, independent studies, courses for next year, my upcoming portfolio review and the work I will present for the First Year MFA Showing on April 17.

3pm Composition: Showing day! Four of the seven of us shared the studies we’ve been working on. Strong discussion and many thoughts shared on moving through the middle part of dance making.

5:15pm Reading: Judy Burns’s, Wild Bodies/Wilder Minds: Streb Ringside and Spectacle, also for HTL Postmodernism

7pm Performance: Headed over to the Drake Performing Arts Center (aka the Theater Building) to see my good friend Karie Miller’s lab showing of Peter Handke’s Offending the Audience . In true Karie form, the play was packed with opportunities for audience members to revolt and add to the mayhem which included a constant rearrangement of seating, confetti, snacks, vulgar chalk drawings, baby-talk, postmodern gestural sequences and one chair sculpture created by yours truly.

9pm Dinner: Mexican food at Condado with Peter (husband) and Karie to discuss the play and everything else. Dinner out on a Tuesday is a treat but great to unpack the play as well as the poor quality of news in the Columbus Dispatch, the salaries of hockey players, representativeness in dance/theater performance, and Detroit (we don’t want to live there)…

10:30pm: Bed!


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