Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host – a brief description

As part of my History/Theory/Literature of Postmodernism class with Dr. Hannah Kosstrin we are required to hone our movement description skills through short writing assignments on specific performances. Since I am a big fan of both Monica Bill Barnes and Ira Glass, I was thrilled to write about Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host: Clad in sneakers with costumes that ranged from sequined dresses to … Continue reading Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host – a brief description

Studio Construction

For the final project in my History/Theory/Literature of Choreography class with Bebe Miller I am creating a piece inspired by the choreographic process of Susan Rethorst. This video footage was shot on my first day in the studio. I am building block sculptures at the start of each stage of the making to jumpstart my creativity and draw attention to my aesthetic preferences. I don’t … Continue reading Studio Construction

The forest and the trees

About a year ago, just as I was beginning to apply for graduate school, a wonderful young choreographer named Antonia Z Brown decided to interview me for a series she was curating on an arts blog. Here’s a quote from that interview (I was responding to a question on how I define success for myself as an artist): As for internal success, I’ll talk about … Continue reading The forest and the trees