This blog is intended to be a reflection of my time in graduate school. But what happens when there is literally no auxiliary time to devote to updating the blog? For now, snapshots: one day, one list, no omissions.

Tuesday February 28

7:15am Pilates workout

8:35am Pedagogy: Discussion of program assessment and goals within a department, program and course

10:30am Ballet: Skill-building barre, rewarding adagio, brutal petite allegro

12:20pm Lunchtime: History/Theory/Literature of Postmodernism reading on contemporary dance training post-Judson

2pm Meeting: Dramaturg Tyrell Woolbert, dance department tech guru Chris Summers and I gather to talk logistics around using web platform mqlicker to allow audience members to impact my Spring Concert piece The You in Us in real time

3pm Composition: Working on trio studies that build upon design principles and Anne Bogart’s list of criteria for an artwork with magnetism (empathy, ritual, participation, spectacle, entertainment, alchemy) – my trio combined the rule of thirds with the challenge to cover space quickly without walking and it turned into a pretty fruitful and interesting chunk of material

5:15pm Homework: Continue compose my mammoth Annotated Bibliography for HTL research paper on the intersections and disjuncture between Steve Paxton’s Satisfyin’ Lover and Liz Lerman’s Shipyard Project. Before I could finish that I pivoted to a grant for study abroad this summer in the hopes of returning to Germany to study improvisation and pedagogy with Kathleen Hermesdorf at Ponderosa – both are due tomorrow (yikes!)

8pm Dinner: Husband time – tilapia, fennel, potatoes plus some catch-up and Superstore

9pm Emails and planning for my class on Thursday – I will be observed teaching a Hip Hop class of non-majors Contemporary dance, possibly for the first time

10pm Stretching, bed and few quick notes for the The You in Us rehearsal tomorrow

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