Outside the classroom, inside the studio

In addition to creating, writing, moving and rehearsing for class-related assignments/projects, I’ve also been spending time in the studio just moving around. Most of my improvisational material is undocumented and purely for my own catharsis; a time to let my body lead my mind and to test the boundaries of the concepts I have been receiving daily in technique (and improvisation) classes.

For the purposes of this blog and my own edification I decided to edit together a short video of three of these explorations conducted at various points throughout the semester. A few things I noticed while watching and re-watching:

  • My body LOVES to rebound, spiral and move in and out from my center.
  • There’s clearly something satisfying to me about going in and out of the floor with minimal hand involvement.
  • I can see the influence of regular Cunningham technique on my arabesque impulses and control while balancing on one leg.
  • I miss my face! Why so much back to the camera?
  • While observing my sense of flow is satisfying, I can also see the pattern of: go, collect, go go go, collect a little, fly for a moment, collect again…it’s interesting for a while. Then not so much.

The plan is to compile one of these videos each semester and watch how I evolve (or not). Hope you enjoy!


One thought on “Outside the classroom, inside the studio

  1. Dance to me, for me, with me. I felt left out. Let me see your face. Look into my eyes, my heart, my soul. Feel me reaching for you. Don’t dance away…


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