We live in an age when apparently the average number of jobs that a person will hold is  seven and people move around…a lot. But the reality of that is much more tricky and confusing than it sounds. The choreography of transporting oneself, one’s partner – not to mention one’s worldly possessions from the East Coast to the Midwest is not to be underestimated. It takes time, it takes energy (all that bathtub scrubbing and dish wrapping doesn’t do itself) and it takes MONEY! And then it ends, and you live in Ohio. Well, to be clear, I live in Ohio. I have no idea where you live, hopefully it’s not too humid.

But back to me. I had a life in Philadelphia. I lived with my husband in one of those stunning apartments that dancers only have in movies (because a friend knew the landlord, etc). I was, and still am, Artistic Director of a dance company called RealLivePeople and for living money I taught Pilates to thoughtful and caring students. On digital paper it sounds pretty nice and there were things about it that were fabulous: our friends and community, the lovely restaurants, a super bike-able city with tons of culture. But the work/time continuum didn’t every seem to fall in my favor, inevitably I was spending too much time cultivating other people’s kinesthetic awareness and too little pursing my own dreams of performing and making spectacular dance.

Which is what brought me to THE Ohio State University where I received an absolutely delicious fellowship to take class, improvise, read, watch, create and learn FULL TIME for three years – I’ll eventually do some teaching too I bet. And this is where I’ll tell you about it. I promise to be as honest as I can bear and to share the icky along with the valorous.

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